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Optimized Title & Settlement Services

Verity's Outsourcing Solutions

Verity provides onshore and offshore labor and automation solutions to the title industry. We’re a leader in title and settlement services with flagship customers including top 10 title underwriters and insurance companies. We not only provide critical resources that understand the title business, but management and leadership that help you streamline processes and become more efficient while reducing costs. We perform all the critical title services from title search through policy issuance.

Our Goal

Enable you to scale up and down on demand with a great ROI. Verity has a recognized team of experts with years of experience in title and settlement. 

How it Works

Have your high-value employees focus on high-value, critical-thinking tasks, and let us perform the SLA and checklist-based functions. We are experts at developing workflows and work with you to assign which tasks make the most sense for Verity to perform and what your team should handle.
The Verity team will help your business reach new speeds with true 24/7 global operations. We work while you sleep!

Software Capabilities

Title Plant Capabilities

Services We Offer


Settlement and title agents with expertise in helping you achieve your business goals are available on demand. 

Our title production team is ready to assist you with:

  • Order Entry
  • Quality Check the Executed PSA
  • Quality Check BIS
  • Deed Preparation
  • Prepare Closing Protection Letter (CPL)
  • Fulfill the LTO
  • HOA Fulfillment Process
  • Clear Escrow Liens/Taxes/Judgments/HOA/Survey
  • Order, Obtain, QC Inspection Reports
  • Trigger Title Update
  • Obtain Clear to Close
  • Prepare Initial Closing Disclosure (CD)
  • Prepare Closing Disclosures
  • Prepare Closing Package
  • Schedule Closing
  • Schedule Notary
  • Quality Check Executed Closing Docs
  • Recordation Fulfillment Process
  • Post Closing and Accounting Reconciliation 
  • Escrow Holdback Fulfillment Process
  • Update Mandatory Application Information
  • Complete Workflow Actions

Our title production team is equipped with a nationwide network of resources to expedite all your title services needs.

  • Full Title Search
  • Title Examination
  • Legal & Vesting Report
  • Liens & Judgment Report
  • Abstract Report
  • Title Commitment
  • Date Down/Updated Search
  • Property Tax Search
  • HOA Search
  • Municipal Lien Search
  • Title Policy
  • Title Process Automation
  • Accurate and Up-to-date Tax Research to mitigate risk.
  • Property Tax Reports
  • Utilities: including water, sewer, stormwater, and more
  • Municipal Lien Certificates
  • Property Code Violations
  • Building Permits

Our title company services give you access to advanced title search and abstract services experts.

  • Extraction of Title Documents and Search Copies
  • Preparation of Run Sheet
  • Preparation of Preliminary Title Report
  • Update and Clearance of Title Curative
  • Current Owner Search Reports
  • Two-Owner Search Reports
  • Municipal Lien Certificates
  • Lien and Judgment Searches
  • Full Title Search
  • Field Abstractor Management
  • Legal and Vesting Reports
  • Assignment Verification Reports
  • Letter Production for Buyer, Seller, CPL and ICL
  • Preparation and Release of Title Policy

Lenders can delegate the responsibility of audit and closing support to us.

  • Closing Disclosure Preparation
  • Pre-Closing Audits
  • Pay-Off Services
  • Prepare Title Commitment

When Title Companies Work with Verity, you Stay in Control

We work behind the scenes as an extension of your team to ensure you're successful. The Verity team becomes part of your team, adopting your SOPs and exact workflow. Your title and settlement services team is dedicated to you exclusively.

Optimize your Experience

Outsourcing your title company functions to our experts will benefit you by increasing efficiency and lowering costs. You will have exceptional support to make sure all the details of title and settlement services are handled expertly.