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REPORT: The Most Efficient Way to Produce Mortgage Loans

HPA Calculator

While developing your budget, consider optimizing your salaries and wages expenditure through a High-Value Production Activity (HPA) analysis. The core concept is to identify whether employees allocate any of their time to low-value tasks that don't align with their pay grade. You can often find more cost-effective solutions for these tasks elsewhere.

Imagine a loan production process comprising 100 components, each skillfully matched to the right expertise at the right cost, enabling competitive loan production. Every team member should dedicate the majority of their workday to high-value tasks corresponding to their hourly rate. How can you determine this? Convert your team's fully loaded annual salaries into hourly rates, and then align these rates with their daily tasks. This evaluation helps you ascertain whether an employee earning $50 per hour is engaged in work commensurate with that rate.