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Technology and Expertise Combined: Maximize Your Lending Potential with Verity's Top-tier Mortgage Origination Outsourcing Services.
Mortgage companies can improve margins by outsourcing services and streamlining operations with Verity Global Solutions. Focus your high-value employees on high-value tasks – the Verity team can perform repetitive tasks and your back office functions, leaving your team to focus on strategy, decision-making and the borrower experience. 
We find that underwriters, who on routinely make over $50/hour, spend a lot of time on low-value tasks. These should be automated or outsourced. Verity will save you 60% for every hour of work we take over from your team. By working with Verity, you have the ability to find right skill at right price.

Outsource Origination Mortgage Processes

Verity can help with a wide range of processes, including:

Initial Disclosures

Our team can send out loan application disclosures directly from the loan origination software or any other third-party service.

Loan Setup

Loan applications are completed by the loan officer. Verity opens the loan file and orders third-party services, including DU, appraisal, credit, title, flood, and any other needed services. 

Pre-underwriting Verity is a leading provider of pre-underwriting services, including non-QM loans. Our team completely pre-underwrites the file, identifying pertinent data, doing all relevant income calculations, asset review and assessing risk factors that could cause a denial. Upon completion of our pre-underwriting review, the verity onshore team or the client submits the file for final credit decision.
Lock Desk Verity will lock loans and provide other lock desk functions on behalf of the lender. Verity assists with creation and distribution of rate sheets.
Mortgage Loan Processing Support Loan processing is extremely labor intensive and can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively by Verity. We follow mortgage loan processing best practices while adhering to your policies and procedures. Contract mortgage processing is a commonly outsourced function.
HMDA HMDA reporting is a key function of compliance in the loan origination process. Lenders can avail themselves of our inside expertise to make sure this function is handled timely and accurately.
Trailing docs Verity Global Solutions can assist the lender in the trailing doc process, helping to collect missing documents. We will contact the title company, lenders and anyone else that needs to provide documents.
Submissions We prepare your loan package and upload into the appropriate investor portal.
Pre- and post-close QC using QCWorks QCWorks is a blend of Verity's expert QC staff and the leading QC technology platform. We handle both pre-close and post-close QC, ensuring loan quality.

Control Mortgage Loan Origination Cost

Focus your high-value employees on high-value tasks, close more loans, and increase employee morale and retention. 
Verity performs all back office functions, improving efficiencies in mortgage loan processing. In addition, we offer full domestic processing and underwriting services.
Your underwriters are probably underwriting 2-3 loans a day. What if you could double or triple productivity of existing underwriters at a fraction of your current cost?
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How it works

Find new opportunities and fund more loans with us as your business partner.

Process review
& optimization

The Solutions You Need

When you work with Verity, you stay in control. Our industry leading best practices allow you to decide which parts of your loan cycle to outsource. We adapt to meet your needs. We work behind the scenes as an extension of your team to ensure you're successful, fund more loans, and increase production.  Your borrower will have an improved customer experience with you getting all the credit.
Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

“With Verity, more menial tasks and busywork are outsourced, meaning the in-house staff is utilized for higher value work focused on the borrower experience and credit decisions. One of the benefits of outsourcing has been that our employees are happier and more fulfilled because they get to do the job they were hired to do, without the more mundane tasks. When their work is done, employees can leave the office on time, spending more time at home with family, and enjoying a better work-life balance even during volume spikes. Happier employees who can take time away from work to rest will come back more refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Due to the 24/7 flow of work from the outsourcing team, employees can take a vacation, use sick leave, and thoroughly enjoy their weekends before returning to work, with a checklist ready of what is left to complete. Rather than employees worrying about outsourcing taking their jobs, they feel a better sense of security, knowing they are needed and will be fully utilized despite the season.”

Kevin HeckemeyerCEO of ResMac, Inc.

“With Verity’s KPO underwriting support, my employees may submit a file Wednesday night and come back first thing on Thursday morning and have a complete file and task list to close out the loan. This enables work to happen 24/7 behind the scenes while employees are still able to go home on the weekends and return more refreshed and ready to tackle the day. In addition to cost savings, the enhanced operational efficiency created cleaner files from the beginning. It streamlined our operations, which resulted in a quicker turnaround time to fund the loans.”

E. H. Sonny BringolJr., Chairman & President of Victorian Finance, LLC

“After six months of working with Verity outsourcing, Plains Commerce was able to clear up 95% of all severe findings. After an additional year working with our outsourcing partner, we haven’t had a severe finding in eight months. Plains Commerce has been able to focus on fixing moderate and informational findings, making us more proactive and compliant.”

Chief Compliance Officer of Plains Commerce Bank

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Benefits of outsourcing your mortgage origination process.

The mortgage origination process, from loan application to funding and shipping involves significant staffing and labor costs. As the industry changes and compliance requirements increase, there is an increased need to look at the operating costs of our business.
Verity Global Solutions can partner with you and offer services that can improve your process from origination to funding. Business process outsourcing increases operational efficiencies that in turn, increase the profitability of your business.