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Loan Origination Support


Verity helps Lenders with preparing the Disclosures Package and Loan Estimate. These disclosures outline the initial terms of the mortgage application and include federal and state required mortgage disclosures

Verity helps our clients by…

• Reducing costs by up to 60%
• Rapid Disclosures under pre-defined SLAs on turn times
• Attracting and Retaining Loan Officers
• 24-hour coverage available

Loan Processing Support

Verity performs set-up and sorting functions, review of loan documents as per the agency guidelines to provide a list of still needs to our clients and ensure the files that are being submitted to Underwriting are ready for credit decision.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Providing daily short list of still needs to Processors and LO’s everyday
• Continuous monitoring of the LOS to review improvements in the loan file and push to underwriting overnight
• Providing higher quality upfront, decision ready files

to the Underwriting Department
• 24-hour coverage

Underwriting Support

Verity’s Underwriting Setup Team reviews the loan for Accuracy and Completeness, Performs Required Calculations and Reviews so as to provide your Underwriter with a loan file that is ready for their credit decision.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Reducing conditions
• Overnight setup ready for Underwriter review every morning
• Reducing the workload of the Underwriter therefore increasing throughput
• Improving loan quality and eliminating back and forth with LO’s and Processors
• Considerable cost reduction
• Improving Morale
• Increasing Underwriter Bonus
• Eliminating Overtime
• 24-hour coverage

Shipping & Insuring

Verity reviews the closing package for completeness and accuracy and submits the loans to investors or secondary market for purchase.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Reviewing and sorting the signed documents back into the system
• Uploading the files to the investor sites and completing the FHA and VA Insurance

Quality Control Services

Pre-Funding Quality Check

Verity’s pre-funding audit services are meant to identify loan level deficiencies and patterns of defects by responsible parties. This helps identify potential risks prior to commitment and thus enables you to eliminate risk.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Avoiding Defects during post-closing audit
• Improve quality of the loan
• Ensure compliance with agency and investor requirement
• Rapid Turn-Around

Post-Closing Quality Control

Our high-quality, in-depth Post Closing File Reviews ensure agency compliance, while providing detailed analysis of loan files. Verity operates on a 30-day SLA allowing our clients 60 days for re-verification.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Post-Closing Data Integrity Audit
• Investor Required audit procedure
• Detailed Reporting
• Reconciliation & Auditing loan documentation
• Appraisal Desk Review
• Early Payment Default Reviews

Mortgage Accounting Services

Mortgage Focused Accounting

Verity in partnership with Mortgage Banking CPAs, headquartered in San Diego, CA provides bookkeeping services. Our team in Mumbai has in-house expertise on mortgage accounting utilizing AMB, LoanVision and QuickBooks.

Partial List of Functions

• Forecasting and Business Modeling
• Bookkeeping
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reconciliations for all accounts
• Accounts Payable
• Accounting software: AMB (Accounting for Mortgage Bankers), LoanVision, QuickBooks and Most Other Accounting Platforms
• Preparation of Financial Information
• Customize Management Reports

Encompass Help Desk Services

Encompass Help Desk

Verity has a support team that can assist Encompass users at our client’s site with a multitude of functions at a fraction of their current cost.

Verity can help your company improve in these areas by…

• Encompass Troubleshooting
• Reporting & Configuration
• Creating Custom Forms
• Pipeline creations
• Custom Coding & Input Form Development
• Custom Plugins & Utilities
• Reconfiguration & Workflow Redevelopment

Other Mortgage Services

Document Indexing

With the use of well-defined indexing and naming conventions, we make the process of document classification, categorization and maintenance seamless.

We review for legibility and stack all the documents to respective place holders in your document management system and also ensure that still needs are updated for your team to focus on next stage and follow up with borrowers.

Pre-Closing Audit

With our HMDA Scrub…

• Purchase Price Review
• Appraisal Review
• Insurance Review
• Credit Report
• Income
• Title
• Conditions 

Post Consummation CD Review

• Document Check
• Printing PCCD & Cover Letter

Mortgage Appraisal Review

Verity ensures that all relevant information which supports the market condition and fair market value of the property is present in the appraisal report before it reaches the underwriter.

We ensure that all relevant information which supports the market condition and fair market value of the property is present in the appraisal report before it reaches the underwriter.

• Review the entire appraisal report for any data mismatch and corrections
• Review the ratings from appraiser as per the investors
• Sales Comparable Analysis
• Review all other supporting addendums
• Process appraisal invoices
• UCDP and SSR submissions

With our quick turn time of 60 mins and 24/5 coverage, you can expect all your files a mistake-proof before being submitted to underwriters.

HMDA Reporting

We provide HMDA support and offer a range of options for more in-depth services and assistance. Engagements typically include a review of your draft Loan Application Register (LAR) for correctness and pricing analysis, side by side reviews of borrower files, and HMDA-LAR for the most comprehensive data-integrity check. Options include geo-coding cross-check and reviews of commercial or mixed-use property files to assess applicability for HMDA filing.

With our HMDA Scrub…

• Avoid the financial and reputation risks and penalties associated with non-compliance;
• Achieve greater accuracy in HMDA reporting;
• Gain efficiencies through HMDA compliance practices
• Hassle Free HMDA Filling

Title Services

Title Service Support

Verity provides assistance for mortgage title search and title preparation support to title companies. We offer a quick turnaround time at a very affordable cost.

We can also help your company with functions such as…

• Title Search
• Title Typing
• Tax Reports
• Preliminary Title Report


“We began working with Verity in early 2018 and shortly after were amazed by their ability to reduce our Post-Close Quality Control turn times from an average of 90 days, down to 30 days. This allowed Operations to respond to the findings while the file was still fresh in their minds. Also, since Verity completes the Pre-Fund review as soon as the loan is approved, it allows us to correct any errors before the loan is funded and subsequently sent to our investors. This process has resulted in significantly fewer pends, thereby reducing our purchase times down to half.

After seeing the great results with Pre and Post Quality Control Audits, due to Verity’s excellent communication and skill level, we wondered what other areas Verity could help us improve.

After speaking with Sam and his team at Verity, we decided File Setup and Pre-Underwriting were the next areas we would focus on.

Having Verity review our loans at setup has reduced the number of conditions and the amount of time in underwriting; allowing our processors to increase their capacity of funded loans by more than 25%. This has also permitted underwriters to double their production, therefore, increasing their bonuses. Due to the reduction in conditions (down to a couple of conditions from an average of 15-20 before Verity), and the improved quality of every loan file, this significant increase in production has had a positive effect on these department’s work-life balance. Morale is improving every day due to Verity’s Team.

Graystone is now able to close loans within 14 days after utilizing Verity compared to an average of 29 days prior. With our process having been improved so much due to Verity’s know-how, we were ready to turn on the shipping piece. Verity’s process has allowed our pends to drop significantly, resulting in loans being purchased in 1-2 days and no more than 5 days.

I highly recommend Sam and his extremely skilled team at Verity. The accuracy of the work is very high, and communication is easy. If you are looking to streamline your processes, increase productivity, reduce cost, reduce risk, all while improving morale by promoting a better work-life balance for you and your employees, Verity is your team.”

– Greg Christian, Chief Compliance Officer, Graystone Mortgage

“On comparing our cost for Verity ($324K) vs. Our Operating cost was a savings of $1.1 million in annual labor cost at a rate of 160 loans per month… that includes Loan setup, QC Pre & Post, Pre-underwriting setup, Investor shipping.

In addition to the savings, the enhanced operational efficiency created cleaner files from the beginning of the process rather than the back and forth on conditions of the files. It streamlined the processes which resulted in a quicker turnaround time in funding the loans.”

– Phil Stooksbury, CFO, Graystone Mortgage

“In addition to significant cost savings on labor, Verity operates like a manufacturing assembly line behind the scenes. Every morning our team members across departments have actionable “short lists” from Verity which allows for a highly focused work-day. Our team can focus on strategic functions and borrower relations. Since working with Verity, we find that the loan file is as complete as possible at every step, nothing falls through the cracks, and our underwriters only get complete files ready for a credit decision. We are closing loans faster, with greater accuracy and selling loans in a fraction of the time. The efficiency gained due to this “manufacturing” concept has been immediate and impactful. We started off very skeptical in the outsourcing concept. We have come to realize that working with Verity is the better way to produce a loan.”

– Sonny Bringol – President at Victorian Finance

The Verity Advantage

For over a decade, large multinational mortgage banks have benefited from back-office operation centers comprised of hundreds of thousands of highly trained mortgage professionals in India. Outsourcing work has become a common trend in business due to its cost-saving advantages and ability to increase business productivity.

The Verity team is tech-savvy and eager to work. The team is fluent in English and has optimal access to technology, which enables high-end training for any task or job skill. By choosing Verity, you gain both, our competitive pricing and the use of different time zones which allows for your company to be operational 24 hours a day.

When our clients arrive at their offices in the morning, an entire business day of work is already completed and uploaded into their systems for review. Our customers also enjoy relief from planning for healthcare increases, holiday and vacation time requests, and other business considerations.

Outsourcing to Verity creates a synergy where individual focus and collective expertise is leveraged to the overall betterment of the organization.

With Verity taking care of your everyday business processes, you can invest the bulk of your finances in hiring highly specialized and experienced staff members that can help your organization reach the culmination of your vision. Verity works seamlessly with your organization to perform any function as needed strictly behind the scenes. We only interact with our direct clients and never their end users or customers.

Verity’s #1 objective for your company is that we want you to work SMARTER not HARDER!

Security & Confidentiality

Do you want to outsource your business processes, but security concerns are stopping you from moving forward? At Verity Global Solutions, we take the security, privacy & confidentiality concerns of our customers as a top priority. Our business and yours depends on it.

Verity is certified by one of the top Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in the world the ISO 27001 certification. The ISMS is an overarching management framework through which the organization identifies, analyzes and addresses its information risks. The ISMS ensure that the security arrangements are fine-tuned to keep pace with changes to security threats, vulnerabilities and business impacts.

An important aspect of such a dynamic field. This standard covers all types of organizations (e.g., commercial enterprises, government agencies, non-profits), all sizes (from micro-businesses to huge multinationals), and all industries or markets (e.g., retail, banking, defense, healthcare, education, and government).

Verity is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization. 

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