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Verity’s Mortgage Process Outsourcing Solutions

Verity’s Mortgage Process Outsourcing Solutions

Join some of the largest lenders in the mortgage industry and business process outsourcing (BPO) and discover the various aspects of your mortgage business you can outsource or automate.

The Verity mortgage process outsourcing (MPO) team will study your workflow and suggest efficiencies and what makes the most sense to outsource or automate given your goals. 

Conduct an HPA Calculation

Our team of Six Sigma Black Belt mortgage industry leaders deploys a number of tools to identify areas in which our clients may save money. One is the HPA calculator. 

As you are planning your budget, you can lower your salaries and wages line by conducting a HPA calculation. The general idea is to identify if employees are spending any of their time on low-value tasks that do not correspond to their rate of pay. You can most likely get those tasks done elsewhere cheaper.

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Verity’s Mortgage Outsourcing Services


Schedule a free assessment now and discover efficiencies in your workflow with the best mortgage industry labor outsourcing and automation experts – Verity Global Solutions.