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Elevate Your Loan Quality with Unmatched Expertise from Verity Global Solutions
At Verity Global Solutions, we distinguish ourselves as the preferred choice for discerning clients seeking unparalleled post-closing audit services. Our meticulous audits meticulously review and verify closed loans, aligning with the stringent requirements of major regulatory bodies including 
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA/RHS, FHLB, State Compliance, and CFPB. We offer a flexible approach with both manual and software-based audit options to cater to the diverse business requirements of our clients.

Proven Track Record

Benefit from our robust dual audit process and a team of seasoned professionals with deep domain experience. With over 5 years of successful engagement, we have assisted mortgage lenders in conducting post-closing and investor audits, covering a substantial portfolio of 10,000+ loans. Our track record ensures comprehensive and reliable services.
5+ Years of Successful Engagements
80+M Customers
10,000+ substantial portfolio loans

Efficiency Through Technology

At Verity Global Solutions, we embrace innovation by integrating the latest AI technology into our audit process. This, combined with a remarkable 30-day turnaround time, empowers you to meet the stringent 95-day turn time requirements set by GSEs (Government-Sponsored Enterprises).

Our Post-Close QC Services

Our audit scope is extensive, covering various aspects of closed loans, including

  • Randomly Selected Loans
  • Discretionary Reviews
  • Canceled/Denied/FHA Rejected/Adverse Action
  • Early Payment Defaults

Detailed reviews include

  • Compliance Review
  • Re-verifications
  • Appraisal Field Reviews
  • Collateral Risk Reviews
  • File Reviews
  • Findings Reports
  • Live Rebuttable
  • Action Plan
  • Knowledge Bank

Why Choose Verity Global Solutions?

Partnering with us provides access to:

  • Thorough compliance reviews
  • Accurate re-verifications
  • In-depth appraisal field and collateral risk assessments
  • Detailed findings report.

Learn More about Post-Close QC

Discover how Verity Global Solutions can elevate the quality of your closed loans. Our expertise, technology integration, and commitment to timely turnarounds ensure that your post-closing audits are not only compliant but also contribute to the overall success of your mortgage operations. Learn More about our Post-Close QC services.

Choose Verity Global Solutions for a seamless and reliable post-closing audit experience. Elevate your loan quality with the expertise that sets us apart in the industry.