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Lenders rely on Verity to handle 70% of their production process at just one-third of the cost, empowering them to unleash their teams on generating volume and increased sales.

Services We Offer

  • Daily short lists of needs for processors and loan officers
  • Continuous LOS/loan file monitoring and ability to push to underwriting overnight
  • Higher quality, decision-ready files upfront
  • Reviews for accurate, complete loan files
  • Overnight file setups for underwriter review
  • Improved loan quality and increased underwriter throughput
  • Complete disclosure package management
  • Rapid turnarounds and 24-hour coverage
  • Increase your staff efficiency by up to 70% while reducing costs by 60%
  • Improve loan officer recruiting and retention
  • Completing FHA and VA insurance
  • Reviewing and sorting signed documents
  • Closing package reviews
  • Submission to investors or secondary market for purchase

Why Choose Verity?

Unlike most loan processing companies, Verity handles tasks at every stage of loan production, from processing to underwriting reviews to shipping, while ensuring every file meets your guidelines and any investor requirements.

Graystone Case Study

Facing a growing workload, Graystone Mortgage had a need for two more underwriters. Graystone decided to partner with Verity to outsource part of their underwriting setup functions to increase the throughput of their existing underwriting team. In addition to eliminating the difficult process and cost of hiring additional team members, the on-staff underwriters realized significant reductions in turn time.

From reduction in number of touches and time to make a credit decision went from three hours to less than an hour. This change in work time allows for Graystone’s employees to have a better work life balance as well as higher compensation due to the increased throughput.

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