Complete Title Coverage

Verity provides mortgage title searches and title preparation support for title companies, delivering fast turnarounds at affordable costs. Verity’s title services include tax reports, preliminary title reports and more, with on-shore vendor management and support available as well.

Services We Offer

  • Property tax reports
  • Utilities including water, sewer, storm water, and more
  • Municipal lien certificates
  • Code violations
  • Building permits
  • Quality check the executed PSA
  • Update mandatory application information
  • Complete workflow actions
  • Trigger title update
  • Quality check BIS
  • Request for deed
  • Prepare closing protection letter (CPL)
  • Fulfill the LTO
  • Prepare initial Closing Disclosure (CD)
  • Order, obtain and QC inspection reports
  • Clear escrow liens/taxes/judgments/HOA/survey
  • Confirm clear-to-close
  • Extraction of title documents and search copies
  • Preparation of run sheet
  • Preparation of preliminary title report
  • Update and clearance of title curative
  • Current owner search reports
  • Two-owner search reports
  • Municipal lien certificates
  • Lien and judgment searches
  • Full searches
  • Field abstractor management
  • Owner and encumbrance; legal and vesting reports
  • Assignment verification reports
  • Letter production for buyer, seller, CPL and ICL
  • Preparation and release of title policy
  • Closing Disclosure preparation
  • Pre-closing audits
  • Pay-off services
  • Lien release tracking
  • Document retrieval
  • Print and mail services
  • Set up checks and funds
  • Balance the CD
  • Prepare recording package
  • Follow up for recorded documents
  • Prepare final CD
  • Reconcile outstanding checks
  • Release escrow hold back
  • Escheat funds
  • Zero balance escrow account

Why Choose Verity

Verity has extensive experience providing multiple or standalone services for large title and settlement companies. At Verity, our team processes 200,000 title searches and over 300,000 commitments every year, with online title search coverage of over 2,000 counties through our proprietary platform. Plus, Verity has a dedicated tax research team capable of processing 200,000 reports per year.

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