The QC Leaders

Verity’s QC experts help clients avoid defects, ensure compliance with agency and investor requirements and improve loan quality—all while delivering faster turnarounds.

Services We Offer

  • Pre-funding quality control checks
  • Post-closing quality control reviews
  • Post-closing data integrity audits
  • Investor required audits
  • Appraisal desk reviews

Why Choose Verity?

Verity’s pre-funding audits eliminate risk by identifying loan level deficiencies and defect patterns prior to closing. Meanwhile, Verity’s high-quality, in-depth post-closing file reviews ensure agency compliance and deliver a detailed analysis of every file.

Graystone Case Study

Due to the diligence and assistance of behind the scenes work, businesses can stay compliant with rules and regulations in the loan industry. After six months of working with outsourcing, Graystone Mortgage was able to clear up 95% of severe findings.

After an additional year working with an outsourcing team, they haven’t had one severe finding in 8 months. Graystone has been able to focus on fixing moderate and informational findings, making them more proactive and compliant.

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