Compliant, Efficient Servicing

At Verity, our team of servicing specialists will streamline your workflows, enabling you to deliver a superior customer experience while lowering costs and reducing losses.

Services We Offer

  • Core servicing processes
  • Loss mitigation assistance
  • Foreclosure & bankruptcy support
  • REO services
  • Mortgage settlement services
  • Mortgage QC services

Why Choose Verity?

Working completely behind the scenes, Verity’s mortgage BPO services remove the stress from all servicing processes, from managing escrow accounts to loan onboarding, non-contact borrower support, asset management and mortgage fulfillment services.

CF Bank Case Study

Without the busywork, underwriters, and those in charge of QA can double their production, leading to an increase in bonuses and better work satisfaction.

Outsourcing more menial tasks have also opened pathways for employees to seek promotions and
higher-paying positions.

In the case of First Savings Bank, outsourcing shipping, gifted one employee the opportunity to move up
within the company. By being promoted from shipping to post-close operations, she was able to find
greater work satisfaction while doing a more fulfilling job for higher pay.

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