About Verity

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with our operations center in Mumbai, India. Verity Global Solutions is your Expert Mortgage Loan Production Company.

Operating entirely behind the scenes with no borrower contact, Verity’s mortgage experts significantly reduce our clients turn times and cost while enhancing loan quality by operating 24 hours a day in multiple shifts. The loan manufacturing process never stops!

We create custom processes tailored for each individual client and integrate cohesively with your local team to create a seamless workflow to ensure the shortest time to close loans. We perform the labor intensive, time consuming tasks across the loan origination process, therefore leaving our clients to focus on the essential aspects of the borrower experience, credit decisions and strategic thinking.

Our clients benefit from the Verity “Machine” with constant steady output generating a predictable short-list of action items for your team on a daily basis thus constantly moving the file forward and mistake proofing at every step. Your underwriters will only see loans that are ready for a credit decision with no back-tracking required in the process.